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Meissen Harlequin Figure by JJ.Kändler 64551

Meissen Harlequin Figure by JJ.Kändler 64551

A superb Meissen figure, originally modelled by JJ. Kändler of Meissen.

Standing, holding aloft a jug of beer in animated toasting pose.


A harlequin from the Italian comedy 'Comeddia Dell'arte' play.

As a modelmeister, he was responsible for what is probably the greatest

collection of early 18th century porcelain figurines, perhaps only matched by Franz Anton Bustelli

of Nymphenburg.  He was able to breathe life and movement into these delightful porcelain

creations.  He modelled birds and animals, sometimes life size, figures from the Royal  Court,

as well as peoples from the world and everyday life. Originally, these began as table decorations for the nobility and royalty to enrich their porcelain dinner services.


Measures 25cm tall.

Model number 64551

Perfect, mint condition.

Mid to late 20th Century.

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