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Discovered: The man Who Saved Queen Victoria

 I'm always looking for beautiful armorial antiques, so I was delighted when I recently purchased a fine Sorrento folio or folder.

   Sorrento in Italy has been a centre for woodworking and wood inlaying from the 14th Century. The 19th Century marked the heyday for this craft.

  On both wooden panels, there is an exceptional coat of arms in multicoloured woods.They looked hard to decipher and the motto was not one I could easily find in any reference book. 

   I persevered and found that the arms were granted to Sotherton Branthwayt Micklethwait Peckham, not a name you could easily forget or perhaps remember! 

    It seems that in 1834, Princess Victoria (later Queen) was in Hastings during an official visit. The horses bolted, probably startled by a celebratory gun salute. One horse was in difficulty and the carriage was about to turn over, putting her majesty and her mother (who was escorting the young Princess) at risk of death. Sotherton leaped into action and steadied the horses, until they could both safely leave the carriage.

   In thanks for this act of chivalry, he was later awarded a Baronecy with

coat of arms.  The motto? Favente Numine Regina Servateur ".

By the grace of God the Queen is saved ! 

I will prepare better pictures in due course.

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