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Coco Chanel & The Wolf of Wall Street:Sinking Fortunes...

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Coco Chanel, style icon, the epitome of taste and refinement. The 'Wolf of Wall Street'

a brash insider dealer who "partied like a rock star". What could they possibly have in common? Well, would you believe it, they actually owned the same yacht, albeit at different times.

Built by the Ackmar Yard in Holland, she was originally named 'Matilda'. Purchased by Chanel, she was eponymously renamed 'Coco Chanel' in 1962. She remained in the same hands for over a decade.

By 1977 she had been purchased by Melvine Powers and renamed 'Jan Pamela'. In 1989 she was known as 'Edgewater' and was bought by Mark Elliot and Bernie Little who called her 'Big Eagle'. In 1993 she changed hands again and was sold to Jordan Belfort aka ' The Wolf of Wall Street'. The scenes for the movie of the same name starring Leonardo Di Caprio were actually filmed on another yacht.

Yacht 'Nadine'.

By this time, the yacht now known as 'Nadine' had undergone something of a transformation. Her fine proportions and elegance were long gone. She had been extended twice and refitted, now 30 feet longer. On board was a seaplane, helicopter

and an entourage of power boats and jetskis unheard of at the time. They really did "party like it's 1999". Well, 1997 anyway.

Off the coast of Palma Italy, she was sailing into a storm. The winds had blown up, and it is said some of the 'toys' that had been lashed to the decks broke free and smashed through the forward saloon windows, allowing her to take on water at a perilous rate, as she crashed through the waves. The Italian Coast Guard was alerted and thankfully, all on board were saved.

But what of the yacht? Well, the once graceful old girl, overweight and with middle age spread, succumbed to the waves. Chanel was right; less is definitely more.

Coco Chanel Yacht Plate.

Offered by Kingschina,

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