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Armorial Porcelain Plate VON BRINSKI RAJACSICH of AUSTRIA Pirkenhammer

Armorial Porcelain Plate VON BRINSKI RAJACSICH of AUSTRIA Pirkenhammer

A superb Pirkenhammer porcelain plate. On a rich cobalt blue ground polished gilding, with a central reserve on the border, a beautifully hand painted armorial. Despite the complexity involved, completely hand painted and gilded. 

  The armorial was used by JOSEPH RAJACSICH 1785-1861 who was Bishop of Werschetz & Karansebes and PATRIARCH OF SERBIA.  During the Austrian Empire, he was a noted patriot for the Serbian people and inspirational voice.


During the great famines of 1815,16,17 he opened his own stores and used his own fortune to feed the hungry. He was awarded the order of the Grand Cross of Leopold by the Emperor and given the title BARON VON BRINSKI.


 Motto: 'Durch des Volkes Stimme die Macht beginne'

The motto translates as 'through the peoples voice begins power'.


Dusan Paunovic, a nephew of Rajacsich, inherited the estates. he did not want to work for the communists, so sold off antiques from his home. Jovanka Broz (Croatian revolutionary and first Lady of Yugoslavia) purchased an Austrian service with the Rajacsich monogram and Tito gave it to Emperor Haile Selassie. Could this be part of this service?


Translated text: 

 Coat of arms. One in length by a fallen golden Krückenkreuz Haid and cross-divided shield. In the upper right-hand blue field a late Byzantine-style white church with two side towers, a closed gate, a semicircular window above it, and two windows placed in each tower behind each other, with slated towers, each with a golden cross and the church dome of a golden star exceeded. In the upper left red field a roped horseman with an open visor and a white ostrich feather on his helm, flinging on a white steed with a gold-rimmed saddlecloth, swinging a saber in his right and raising a high golden cross in his left. In the lower right half of the shield a leopardirter, golden lion, accompanied in each of the four angles by a crescent-shaped, silver, opposing firelight. On the shield rests the baron's crown, on which stands a crowned, crowned tournament helmet. The crown of the helmet carries an open, red, with four - on each side two - silver fire-stones in the rectangle occupied eagle flight with an intervening, high golden crosses. The Helmets are blue on the right, red on the left, with gold on both sides.



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