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Armorial Worcester Plate BARON VERNON

Armorial Worcester Plate BARON VERNON

An unusual Booths Worcester plate, made to commemorate the coming of age of Baron Vernon, 28th September 1909. A party to celebrate was held at Ponyton Towers for 3000 people.

    George Francis Augustus Vernon, 8th Baron Vernon (1888-1915) of Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire and Poynton Towers, Cheshire.  His father had died suddenly at the age of 44 and the ten year old George became the 8th Baron, under the wardship of his Aunt,  Adela and her husband Captain Anson. In 1902 he was a paige at Queen Alexandria's Coronation and held the edge of her train.



Measures approx 10 inches wide.

Perfect condition.

Motto: 'Vernon semper viret' , Vernon always flourishes.

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