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Pair Chinese Armorial Plates Imari CAPTAIN TIMINS Circa 1804 Jiaqing

Pair Chinese Armorial Plates Imari CAPTAIN TIMINS Circa 1804 Jiaqing

Here is a superb and rare Chinese export plate In Imari colours. Painted with the arms of  Captain John Fam Timins.Crest is an amusing and unique googly eyed Bengal tiger, holding its paw on an anchor.

Measures approx 9.5 Inches wide.

Small reglued section, painted filled staple holes, museum typre restoration.

Plate 2: Broken across, some filled rivet holes, good museum type minimal resoration.


More Details

 J.F.Timins rose to become a commander in the East India Company, purchased Hilfield Castle, and his ship 'The Royal George'.During a return voyage from Canton in 1804, a fleet of E.I.C merchant ships under control of Commodore Nathaniel Dance, met a squadron of French Naval Ships. With goods to the value of 8 million pounds(600 million in 2013 money) it was a rich bounty. In a supreme act of bravery, the 4 largest merchant ships led by Timins, raised Naval Ensign flags, to bluff the French they were a well armed Naval Fleet. The merchant ships fired upon the French squadron & managed to chase them away. They were rewarded with a gift of £50.000 by a grateful nation,Lloyds of London gave presentation swords, and a patriotic vase to Timins.(Now in National Maritime Museum). LLoyds and the E.I.C had been spared ruin. It Became known as 'The Battle of Pulo Aura'.


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