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Meissen Armorial Plate CLAM GALLAS PALACE Clam-Gallasovský palác


Material:         hard paste porcelain.

Date:              Circa 1880.  
Dimensions:   Approx 9 Ins wide,
Condition:      Perfect condition. Minute wear/re-touch to gold.



   Here is a superb Meissen  porcelain plate. It bears the arms of the CLAM GALLAS family of Bohemia (now Czech Republic). You can see the coat of arms above the CLAM GALLAS PALACE, Prague. Perfect for any discerning collection. Don't miss this rare opportunity. 


Zde je vynikající porcelánová deska Meissen. Jsou to zbraně rodiny Čela GALLÁŠŮ z Čech (nyní Česká republika). Můžete vidět erb nad , Clam-Gallasovský palác Praha. Perfektní pro všechny náročné sbírky. Nenechte si ujít tuto výjimečnou příležitost.




 The powerful Von Gallas family were from northern Bohemia. Johan Wenzel Von Gallas built a palace in Prague in the early 18th Century. When the male line died out, Christian Philip Von Clam inherited estates from his uncle in 1757, and the Clam-Gallas line was created. You can see the arms above the massive doors to the palace, the family seat. Beethoven and Mozart performed concerts here for the family.

Motto, "Recte Faciendo Neminem Time". By acting justly, I fear nobody. The motto was commonly seen on Brunswick silver Thaler coins. Also Prussian coinage of Frederick I.






 We are happy to carefully pack and ship this item internationally.



Photo doorway: Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons (cropped).


Photo arms: Enfo, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons (cropped, enlarged).


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