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Pair John Ridgway Armorial Plates WESTHEAD of LEA CASTLE

Pair John Ridgway Armorial Plates WESTHEAD of LEA CASTLE


Material:       Porcelain.

Date:            Circa 1846. 
Dimensions:  Approx 9.5 Inches Wide.
Condition:     Perfect condition.



A superb pair of English porcelain armorial plates, with the handpainted arms of Joshua Proctor Westhead (later Brown-Westhead) of Lea Castle.




J.P.Westhead (1807-1877) was a prominent businessman and Weslyian Methodist. He was Director of the London and North Western Railways, M.P for Knaresborough and later York. He was the son of Edward Westhead, who had married Ann Brown, heiress to Lea Castle. By 1862, the Ridgway factory was known as Brown-Westhead, Moore & co. Several unique presentation services were made for him as gifts, bearing his coat of arms or crest. He married Betsy Chappell in 1828. He later inherited Lea Castle from his father.


The service was presented to Joshua on the 15th June 1847 at the Albion Hotel, Piccadilly Manchester. by the shareholders of the Manchester and Birmingham Railway Company in recognition of his work as Chairman, before it was absorbed into the London and North Western Railway.


Joshua changed his surname to Brown Westhead by Royal dispensation in 1850.



See reverse of plate for inscription.

Photo of Lea Castle gatehouse

Lea Castle Gatehouse
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With thanks to Angela Grant.

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