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A superb Minton porcelain plate, centrally painted with the arms of ABERCROMBIE of MENSTRIE CASTLE, Scotland impaling DUNCAN of Camperdoun House.  It commemorates military and Naval 

victories of both familes.  It shows the CAMPERDOUN medal awarded to Admiral Duncan after

he sucessfully destroyed and captured the Dutch fleet.


 Sir Ralf Abercrombie (1734-1801) was a Scottish soldier and politician, born in Menstrie Castle.

He was a Lieutenant General in the British army. He was appointed Governor of Trinidad, after his successful capture, as commander of the British forces, of Trinidad and Tobabo in 1797. He was Commander in Chief in Ireland and also a Commander in Chief in Scotland.


 In 1801 he was sent to recover Egypt from France, and daringly landed at ABOUKIR noted as one of the British Armies most brilliant actions.  Sadly befor the moment of victory he was struck down. The Duke of York said of him:


 “His steady observance of discipline, his ever-watchful attention to the health and wants of his troops, the persevering and unconquerable spirit which marked his military career, the splendour of his actions in the field and the heroism of his death, are worthy of the imitation of all who desire, like him, a life of heroism and a death of glory.”


  A monument to him is in St Pauls Cathedral , London. His widow was awarded the title Baroness Abercromby of Tullibody and Aboukir Bay. She received a pension of 2000 pounds a year, as did the two sucessors to the title.


 The Fourth Baron, George Ralph Abercrombie (1838-1917) married Julia Duncan, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Camperdoun at Camperdoun House, Scotland  in 1858. (See Admiral Duncan).

Lady Abercrombie was Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Victoria.


Thomas Goode retailers Marks to  rear.

Approx 10  Inches wide, perfect condition.



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