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Pair Paris Porcelain Plates COMTE GABORIT DE MONTJOU

Pair Paris Porcelain Plates COMTE GABORIT DE MONTJOU

A fine pair of Paris porcelain plates, painted with the arms of GABORIT DE MONTJOU and D'HEMERY.

Motto:" Amator Urbis". Lover of the city.


Measure approx. 9.5 Inches wide.

Good condition, couple of restored rim chips. 

Paris & Limoges W.Guerin & Co.


Dominique Alphonse Gaborit de Montjou (1818-1882),

married 30 March 1856,  Charlotte D'Hemery (1834-1908). 


A son was Comte Henri Marie Gaborit de Montjou (1860-1936) of Poitiers.


Emile Gaborit 1829-1909 married Alice de Fremeur in 1855. (See photo).  After Emile defended the Abbey of Liguge from closure, Pope Leo XIII made him a Count (Comte) in recognition. By 1870 Emile  owned about a third of the town.  He was unfortunately duped out of 300,000 Francs by the Marquis de "B". Loan after loan was made, on the promise of repayment upon the death of the grandmother.  However, she refused to recognise the debt and all the money was lost. In 1892 The Estate in Liguge was sold and he retired to a small mansion at Poitiers.


 This may be the Hotel de Brosse, Poitiers, named after the Gaborit de Brosse family. In several places the Gaborit de Montjou coat of arms.  Sadly, this was demolished in the 1970's and a concrete building is now in its place. However, the striking 12th Century basement still remains as a dramatic restaurant to the existing hotel.




Blason de la famille d'Hémery: "de gueules à trois coquilles d'or, 2 et 1, au chef abaissé du même"

Blason de la famille Gaborit de Montjou:

"D'azur à trois tête de lions arrachées d'or, accompagné en chef d'un croissant d'argent, surmonté d'une étoile du second émail"


Oval photo : Domininque Alphonse Gaborit de Montjou


Source of photos, Hotel de la Brosse, Poitiers:


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